Throughout the years, the Multi-Media brand has always aspired to shift and refashion according to modernity and innovation. This forward-thinking approach has enabled us to partner with our customers in creating unique and engaging experiences that connect with their audiences.
The arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic compelled us to evolve our brand and service offering into one that would once again differentiate us.

Our brand has a fresh new expression with which we aim to reaffirm our brand promise and resolutely demonstrate our commitment to evolving with the market, and our clients, into a new and innovative future.

New studio options and solutions:

Although Multi-Media has always been familiar with the broadcasting and live-streaming aspects of events, having offered these services to our clients for years, pivoting the business model to cater exclusively to these requirements meant that some creative thinking was required.

The demand to shift business focus was particularly evident as the events industry was suddenly crippled and in-person meetings around the globe seemed to have become virtually impossible for the foreseeable future.

In order to meet the needs of the market, we have built studio spaces in both Johannesburg and Cape Town. These multi-purpose facilities can be used for live events (naturally in accordance with restrictions and regulations), virtual events (complete with customised 3D virtual sets), product launches and more.

Even as we transition to virtual spaces, customers can still expect our shoulder to shoulder approach in the technical ideation and execution of each event. We understand

Large Corporate client – CCCC Partnership:

Multi-Media has partnered with Century City Conference Centre (CCCC), the premiere eventing and conference venue in the Western Cape.

Through this new virtual eventing space, the partnership with CCCC allows a variety of services to clients that enable effective and reliable communication through memorable events and global gatherings.

The rise of Covid-19 in 2020 has pushed us all to adapt and adjust to the new world that is emerging. As a company, Multi-Media has taken on the challenges that this presents, and we embrace the opportunities it presents to us. Throughout, the Multi-Media brand aims to continue delivering the same professional standard we have promised since 1991, whilst remaining true to our core: Creating memorable experiences in the Multi-Media Way.