virtual events

Virtual events require a unique approach to be engaging, immersive and fulfilling for attendees. We’ve perfected the art of combining the various elements of a virtual event into something inimitable – to deliver long-lasting value for our clients. Our studio spaces located in Johannesburg (in Midrand) and Cape Town (at Century City Conference Centre) offer a variety of options designed to meet all your virtual eventing needs.  See our virtual event gallery here.

show conceptualisation

Creativity stands out! Every great event is born out of a great idea. Not only do we know how to come up with an event idea that people will talk about – that will astound and live on the minds of guests long after the event. We also know what works. Anyone can come up with an idea. It takes years of experience to spot the ideas that will fit within budget, that will work for your event and that will be technically achievable. You see, practical creativity is the difference between a great event and one that doesn’t quite live up to expectations. Draw on our experience with 20 years executing ideas flawlessly.

event design

Great ideas demand great execution. We are past masters at designing and constructing sets and stages worthy of any Broadway production. Our set designers have years of experience taking concepts from paper to stunning, three dimensional works of art. Incorporating props, set builds and working with the lighting design team to create the desired effect. It’s amazing what can be achieved by simple means. Just a few clever ideas can transform a barren stage into a landscape of the imagination. Setting the scene for presenters or performers to do their thing. Transporting the audience to whatever frame of mind you’ve got in your head.


High quality visual displays have transformed into an art form. The evolution of screens from single projection, to wide screen projection and on to LED screens has been nothing short of astonishing. Multi-Media have invested considerably in the latest technology displays, with various pixel screens to suit every need.

 A great vision is all that’s required to create astonishing displays, ranging from simple screens to full digital sets. We support this with the use of the correct medium to “play-out” content to display configurations that are designed and set up for maximum impact.

sound tailored reinforcement

Never underestimate the power of sound. Sound is all important when it comes to giving guests a complete sensory experience. That’s where our audio department uses technical brilliance and the best audio equipment to create incredible soundscapes that will transport your audience beyond the imagination. Giving the auditory stimulation to support the story unfolding on stage or on screen. Making every event mind-blowingly memorable!

Multi-Media is the only rental company in the Southern hemisphere able to offer the Award winning L-isa immersive sound – once heard, cannot be unheard. Click here for more information on L-isa.

lighting design

Creative lighting design can add a new dimension to your event and have a dramatic effect on the tone and impact of what happens on stage. Modern stage lighting can include special effects such as lasers and fog machines, giving almost endless possibilities for creative expression. Professional lighting design is part art and part science, requiring the experience of knowledgeable lighting technicians. Our people are not only experts who know the correct use of lighting instruments, they are skilled in planning, coordinating and executing the lighting schedule with pinpoint timing for maximum effect. That is something that takes years of practice to make perfect.

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