Brand touchpoints – all the places where the brand interacts with the customer – and the essence of the relationship that is created and hopefully maintained between an organisation and its customers (both internal and external) are won or lost based on these interactions. In an increasingly cluttered marketplace where people are targeted by an increasing number of brands in a variety of ways, if something doesn’t grab and hold the viewers’ attention immediately, it is discarded. In a world of same-day deliveries and instant gratification, brands are finding it difficult to break through to their target audiences.

Events grant you many benefits that the other elements of marketing communications do not. Namely, a captive audience – and a number of people you want to reach in the same place at the same time. Research suggests that omnichannel exposure is becoming increasingly important to consumers and events support the overall strategy selected by the brand in a visible manner.

 Human interaction and its positive effects are dismissed too easily, in-person face-to-face communication, even in a group setting, has the ability to make a massive impact. The bulk of communication between brands and customers now takes place person-to-screen not person-to-person and an event is a way to distinguish your brand from the competition.

As technical eventing specialists with 27 years-plus experience, at Multi-Media we’ve seen that high-involvement decisions (those likely to have long-lasting effects or implications) require more involvement and more investment on behalf of the business. Business must recognise and respond to this in order to ensure long-term survival. Our clientele including South Africa’s leading financial institutions and automotive brands recognises that this in-person interaction cannot be replaced.

For all of their obvious benefits, events can be a minefield. In the age of social media anything that goes wrong can go viral in minutes and having a trusted team with the experience and expertise to deliver is crucial. Multi-Media are proud of our commitment to #flawless execution and if your current A/V supplier cannot say the same – it’s time for a change. Our commitment to excellence has been rewarded and we have been the technical partner of choice for nine Loerie Award-winning events in the past three years.

Reputation matters, we understand the current market sentiment and the need to ensure that you get “bang-for-your-buck”. When selecting suppliers we believe the best policy is to find those interested in partnership, particularly in today’s turbulent climate and fluctuating economy.

How can you tell the difference? Through the questions they ask:

  1. “What message do you want to communicate and how?” vs “What equipment do you require?”
  2. “Provide us with your brand elements so we can contribute to brand exposure throughout the event,” vs you suggesting to them that you provide them with your logo and fonts.
  3. “We suggest that in the space you have selected Solution X works best,” vs overselling.

In conclusion, the benefits of corporate events are as follows: they facilitate the creation and maintenance of strategic interpersonal relationships, improve motivation amongst employees, they reward achievement and recognise success (of individuals and organisations), they promote business and sales – potentially generating earned media for the business which is a significant value-add given the cost of acquiring media in 2018 – and finally, they are a highly effective communication tool.

Our passion is bringing your ideas to life in full colour through quality visual displays. We’d love the opportunity to work alongside you to make your next event a resounding success.

If at any stage, you feel you need some help to understand any budgets you have, or received from other suppliers, please feel free to contact us for a no-nonsense obligation-free evaluation.