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Throughout the years, the Multi-Media brand has always aspired to shift and refashion according to modernity and innovation. This forward-thinking approach has enabled us to partner with our customers in creating unique and engaging experiences that connect with their audiences.
The arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic compelled us to evolve our brand and service offering into one that would once again differentiate us.

Our brand has a fresh new expression with which we aim to reaffirm our brand promise and resolutely demonstrate our commitment to evolving with the market, and our clients, into a new and innovative future.

New studio options and solutions:

Although Multi-Media has always been familiar with the broadcasting and live-streaming aspects of events, having offered these services to our clients for years, pivoting the business model to cater exclusively to these requirements meant that some creative thinking was required.

The demand to shift business focus was particularly evident as the events industry was suddenly crippled and in-person meetings around the globe seemed to have become virtually impossible for the foreseeable future.

In order to meet the needs of the market, we have built studio spaces in both Johannesburg and Cape Town. These multi-purpose facilities can be used for live events (naturally in accordance with restrictions and regulations), virtual events (complete with customised 3D virtual sets), product launches and more.

Even as we transition to virtual spaces, customers can still expect our shoulder to shoulder approach in the technical ideation and execution of each event. We understand

Large Corporate client – CCCC Partnership:

Multi-Media has partnered with Century City Conference Centre (CCCC), the premiere eventing and conference venue in the Western Cape.

Through this new virtual eventing space, the partnership with CCCC allows a variety of services to clients that enable effective and reliable communication through memorable events and global gatherings.

The rise of Covid-19 in 2020 has pushed us all to adapt and adjust to the new world that is emerging. As a company, Multi-Media has taken on the challenges that this presents, and we embrace the opportunities it presents to us. Throughout, the Multi-Media brand aims to continue delivering the same professional standard we have promised since 1991, whilst remaining true to our core: Creating memorable experiences in the Multi-Media Way.

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digico’s SD10s Tue, 03 Dec 2019 19:06:58 +0000

Multi-Media Event Trading recently purchased a pair of DiGiCo SD10 consoles from DWR Distribution along with two SD Racks on HMA Optics, Wave Servers, Orange Box and option cards. The technical production supplier put the new equipment straight to work on The Voice Nigeria.

Sound engineer Adriaan van der Walt, who joined Multi-Media earlier this year, is no stranger to DiGiCo consoles. ‘DiGiCo is an amazing system because you can design it, lay it out, and work with it in a way that suits your train of thought,’ he said. ‘On the run of The Voice, I completely reordered the layout of the console so that I wouldn’t be caught up in button presses to mix the show. I can mix the show in one state, and with a push of a button, the console populates the layout into the next state I need. I know where I am the entire show without having to try to find what I`m looking for. I find this rather impressive that I can achieve this over 36 faders, especially being quite a complex show. With help from Kyle Robson from DWR, it was possible to do that.’


Mr Robson commented, ‘I think it’s very exciting to actually see bigger consoles get onto the market and to see top end engineers using and loving them.’

‘Having the SD10s puts us in a different league compared to a month ago, and the audio boys in the industry will look at our company in a new way,’ Mr van der Walt concluded.

pick n pay franchise conference – zambia Sun, 03 Nov 2019 17:35:46 +0000

Once again, Multi-Media was contacted by our client, Turnkey, to assist with all the technical support and logistics for the Pick ‘n Pay Franchise Conference at the Royal Livingstone Hotel in Zambia. Under normal circumstances this would be an event we would service with our eyes closed, the logistics however, in getting everything through various borders to Livingston and back again is where the challenge lay. We provided all technical, structures, decking, power, carpeting, artist requirements as well as assisted with content creation for this event.

Having done this event every second year since 1991, we were under no illusions as to the task at hand, and the clients exacting requirements. Every single item sent from SA had to be recorded in detail for custom purposes, with its dimensions, weight and serial number. Each function area was in turn planned and documented accordingly, making the unloading process on site just that little bit simpler.

Precise packing lists were required for each truck, down to the last set of batteries or gaffer tape. 10 dedicated staffers took a full week to tally up all this information, mark and pack boxes correctly, make sure customs documentation matched the boxes, which in turn had to match the waybills for each truck, load the trucks before finally waving the convoy goodbye.

Tight travel schedules across borders always bring a sense of anxiety! We contracted five 32 Ton multi-link’s and two 14 Ton closed body trucks to get everything to Livingston, totaling an unbelievable 188 Tons of event infrastructure. Forklifts and crane trucks were sourced in Livingstone, technical equipment alone comprised of 90 Tons of technology. It took 7 days on the road to get through to Livingston from JHB and a few extra on the return due to custom delays. We had a team of 32 technical staff from SA together with 24 local staff over the 10 days to install and take down all the equipment and the structures.

The event itself had three themed evenings, one conference day, a spouses program and a day of activities. The first evening took place in front of the Manor house at the Royal Livingston Hotel, the second and third evenings took place on the temporary 2000sqm deck we built from scratch, the last being the Gala Awards evening. The Conference took place in the Zambezi Sun conference room, where we built a full set together with temporary grandstand seating for a more engaging audience experience. The spouses program took place in various areas throughout the Royal Livingston property.

The event deck was built from Layer Scaffolding (approximately 80 tons of it) layered with carpeting and then covered with 3 linked Bedouin tents. The performance stage was made from a trussing roof structure, which included changing rooms for artist changeovers – all this before we started installing the technical required!

We made use of various types of AV technology, conventional HD projection in the conference room,100 panels of our 12mm LED as a digital backdrop for all the evenings, changing the layout for each evening.

The 600 Franchisees were well spoilt over the few days and were very appreciative of their experience in Zambia. The event once again was a huge success!

the voice south africa hears the future of sound with L-ISA and DiGiCo Mon, 10 Jun 2019 12:55:00 +0000

“The Voice”- one of the world’s most popular talent reality search shows. Multi-Media are proud to be the technical supplier to The Voice Angola, The Voice South Africa, The Voice Nigeria and The Voice Francophone.

Naturally, a show of this magnitude is a massive endorsement of Multi-Media’s abilities, and we have been hard at work with designing, planning, building and shooting at Sasani Studios in Johannesburg. Multi-Media partnered with JDM unlimited for the third time on a television production with regards to set designs, and clearly this association has proved to be a mutually beneficial relationship.

Technically, this has been an enormous challenge, as not only does the production company demand perfection, but the creators and holders of the worldwide rights to “The Voice” Talpa Media, keep a very close eye on the production, ensuring it meets their strict criteria.

a sponsor of the NED awards Wed, 27 Jun 2018 15:15:16 +0000

The awards recognise the achievements of the companies that are progressing through the BU incubation programme, which is designed to provide mentorship and guidance for SMEs. The focus of the awards was highlighting the need for business in South Africa (in this case black business) to be sustainable, committed to positively influencing the communities they operate within and creating jobs.

Multi-Media contributes to the Black Umbrellas incubation programme on a monthly basis; it was, therefore, a logical step to sponsor the technical elements for the organisations’ premiere awards ceremony. As a company founded and run by individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit, Multi-Media has 27 years experience in providing eventing technical solutions that excite, engage and create unforgettable experiences.

The winners on the night were:

  • Overall Winner – Debar Ceramics (Pty) Ltd
  • Highest Number of Jobs Created – Debar Ceramics (Pty) Ltd
  • Incubator of the year – Lephalale Incubator
  • Best Performing Company – Modi Mining CC
  • Black Umbrellas Ambassador – HSE Matters

We would like to congratulate all winners on their superb achievements.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in South Africa, highlights the fact that government is no longer the sole enterprise responsible for the promotion and implementation of actions that contribute towards promoting social and community interests. It is Multi-Media’s view – that it is not just good business practice to contribute to these initiatives, but, that it should be a determining factor on whether you choose to do business with any company.

Multi-Media looks forward to a continued relationship with Black Umbrellas and contributing towards the development of SMEs and the fostering of an entrepreneurial spirit in South Africa.

corporate events matter now more than ever Thu, 17 May 2018 15:21:07 +0000

Brand touchpoints – all the places where the brand interacts with the customer – and the essence of the relationship that is created and hopefully maintained between an organisation and its customers (both internal and external) are won or lost based on these interactions. In an increasingly cluttered marketplace where people are targeted by an increasing number of brands in a variety of ways, if something doesn’t grab and hold the viewers’ attention immediately, it is discarded. In a world of same-day deliveries and instant gratification, brands are finding it difficult to break through to their target audiences.

Events grant you many benefits that the other elements of marketing communications do not. Namely, a captive audience – and a number of people you want to reach in the same place at the same time. Research suggests that omnichannel exposure is becoming increasingly important to consumers and events support the overall strategy selected by the brand in a visible manner.

 Human interaction and its positive effects are dismissed too easily, in-person face-to-face communication, even in a group setting, has the ability to make a massive impact. The bulk of communication between brands and customers now takes place person-to-screen not person-to-person and an event is a way to distinguish your brand from the competition.

As technical eventing specialists with 27 years-plus experience, at Multi-Media we’ve seen that high-involvement decisions (those likely to have long-lasting effects or implications) require more involvement and more investment on behalf of the business. Business must recognise and respond to this in order to ensure long-term survival. Our clientele including South Africa’s leading financial institutions and automotive brands recognises that this in-person interaction cannot be replaced.

For all of their obvious benefits, events can be a minefield. In the age of social media anything that goes wrong can go viral in minutes and having a trusted team with the experience and expertise to deliver is crucial. Multi-Media are proud of our commitment to #flawless execution and if your current A/V supplier cannot say the same – it’s time for a change. Our commitment to excellence has been rewarded and we have been the technical partner of choice for nine Loerie Award-winning events in the past three years.

Reputation matters, we understand the current market sentiment and the need to ensure that you get “bang-for-your-buck”. When selecting suppliers we believe the best policy is to find those interested in partnership, particularly in today’s turbulent climate and fluctuating economy.

How can you tell the difference? Through the questions they ask:

  1. “What message do you want to communicate and how?” vs “What equipment do you require?”
  2. “Provide us with your brand elements so we can contribute to brand exposure throughout the event,” vs you suggesting to them that you provide them with your logo and fonts.
  3. “We suggest that in the space you have selected Solution X works best,” vs overselling.

In conclusion, the benefits of corporate events are as follows: they facilitate the creation and maintenance of strategic interpersonal relationships, improve motivation amongst employees, they reward achievement and recognise success (of individuals and organisations), they promote business and sales – potentially generating earned media for the business which is a significant value-add given the cost of acquiring media in 2018 – and finally, they are a highly effective communication tool.

Our passion is bringing your ideas to life in full colour through quality visual displays. We’d love the opportunity to work alongside you to make your next event a resounding success.

If at any stage, you feel you need some help to understand any budgets you have, or received from other suppliers, please feel free to contact us for a no-nonsense obligation-free evaluation.

LED screens and pixel pitch Wed, 04 Apr 2018 18:52:46 +0000

As the cost of new event technology comes down, LED screens are becoming more popular locally… And while there is still a cost consideration, they offer massive advantages over traditional projection. When using projection, one needs to ensure that the ambient conditions are suited to the size (light output) of the projector. Very often, this requires venues to be blacked out with draping – which obviously adds to the cost of your event. Many indoor venues don’t necessarily have this issue, but then your lighting designer/operator needs to be careful as to how to light the event, so as not to wash out the information on screens.

Projection has a fixed format – these days the accepted format is 16:9 – but by blending a number of projectors together (at cost) this format can be “altered” but takes time, a specifically manufactured custom ‘non-format’ screen and a skilled technician to effect properly.

This article, however, is about LED screens, its advantages and the dreaded “pixel” display conversation.

The first set of advantages is in how an LED screen is put together.

LED screens are made of panels. Panels vary in size (physical size) depending on make and manufacturer, but save to say, panels are locked together to create the size screen and shape that you require. 16:9 formats need no longer be the standard because you can create any size or shape that you or your designer would like to see. Certain makes of LED screen can be locked together at angles, creating curves, circles or almost any shape you like. In fact, you may be able to replace a traditional set element with a funky digital LED set.

LED screens are brighter than projection, so don’t have the same ambient lighting issues to contend with, and can be used outdoors in sunlight very effectively.

On to the pixel debate…

All LED screens are measured/quoted or spec’d in pixel pitch. You may not inquire of your supplier, or they may not be forthcoming with the information – but a reliable supplier will specify the right screen for the right job.


You will know what the pixel pitch is when you read something that mentions dimension in millimetres (mm). Some common industry pitches at the moment are for example – 3.2mm / 3.6mm / 6mm / 10mm and upward.

What does this actually mean?

As mentioned previously, LED screens are made up of panels. These panels have a large number of LED “dots” (pixels) on them (if you get up close to look) these dots – or LED’s (light emitting diodes) are what actually make up the image which you want to see. Because not all manufacturers make panels the same physical size, the number of pixels per panel may vary, but the important thing here is the measurement in millimetres from one pixel on the panel to the next. The closer they are together – (3.2mm is closer than say 10mm) the better the quality of the image – so it’s correct to say that the smaller the measurement, the higher the quality or resolution. Pixel pitch is, therefore, the distance between pixels on the panel, and the spec by which most people in the industry will work.

Picture quality is not always as simple though, as there are other factors to consider. Contrast ratio’s, brightness of the screen and so on, but using the above as a general rule should suffice (the other bits are really for your AV team to consider when deciding what screens to invest in)

But wait – there’s more…

What do you need for your event?

The distance the first row of your audience is seated from the screen should be a consideration – because this will affect what you need, and possibly your budget.

General rule #1

1mm of pixel pitch for every 1m from the screen. If you have a 3mm screen, you could sit as close as 3m and still see the content pretty well. 6mm pitch = 6m, and so on.

I would seriously caution against applying that rule across the board and assuming that because you’re in the Superbowl, and your closest audience is 20m away that you come to blows with your supplier in the pursuit of a 20mm pixel pitch. Technology has moved on, and those old screens really do not exist much beyond a dusty warehouse…



General rule #2

Higher pixel pitch = more money

Your content will help inform the decision too.

Financial results with serious graphs and bar charts will need the highest resolution you can afford. Because it’s your companies best foot you’re putting forward, and you want the analysts to see the detail.

Background graphics behind the DJ at the company shindig… not so much.

So what’s the debate?

On the international market – screens are being manufactured as high as 0.9 mm. You could almost lick the screen while watching your content and still see what’s going on. But if you’ve got 500 people in the convention centre sitting arm’s length away from your screen, conceptually, there are other issues to discuss.

Locally, 2.9mm and upwards are being spoken about. While that’s a great picture, is it really necessary to pay for that resolution when something else will do? Of course, it would be great to pick up a C63 AMG convertible when you land at the airport, but my guess is a group A or B does just fine.

While you can tell the difference from a distance between the C63 and a VW Polo, can you do the same from across the room between a 2.9mm screen and a 4.8mm? Thought so.

A caveat to rule #2

Like all things electronica, the Chinese manufacturing machine churns these things out for fun. Unfortunately, not all 5.9mm screens are the same as all 5.9mm screens…

There are always cheaper options available, and these are apparent in the build quality and reliability of the screen. The locking mechanisms may not give you a completely seamless image, and often you can see gaps in the panels. Colour differences from one panel to the next may be a problem. Panels may fail at a critical moment, and a number of other issues may arise when you least expect or want them.

 As it is with the world, and a good Afrikaans saying “goedkoop is duurkoop”, you get what you pay for, and more often than not, a reliable trusted brand will get you through to the end safely, time and again.

Sadly, as South Africa has taken a pummeling in the exchange market, the AV industry has had to be creative, and there are tons (literally) of cheaper screens being brought into the market on a regular basis. Unfortunately, you may not know the difference until the chairman of the boards grand moment. Scare-mongering? Not really…

Almost there…

So you’ve discussed the size, shape and pixel pitch of the screen you want, and you’re adventurous in your decisions and/or budget. Will my videos fit, and how do I create content to fit my strange screen?

The shortest possible answer is to get your AV supplier to talk to your content producer, and they will discuss the pixel dimensions needed to fit your screen effectively. If you have a strangely shaped screen, this conversation is imperative to get the best out of your designs.

If you’re replacing a standard projection screen with the same format LED screen (because you can, because you want to or because LED screens are SO much brighter) then chances are your regular PowerPoint will fit just fine, but it’s always safest to chat to your AV guys…

In previous articles, we’ve mentioned the importance of your AV supplier, and this is probably the most important decision to make. Your AV supplier should be your AV partner in business. They should offer the correct advice for free, have a track record that speaks for itself and be open and honest in all communication.

Multi-Media is exactly that, so should you need any more information, or just like to meet up for a coffee and chat, we would be happy to oblige.

looking back at 25 years Sun, 03 Dec 2017 18:15:49 +0000

Multi-Media has a rich history dating back 25 years, when the business was started from a small office space in Cape Town, Tokai.

Like all things positive, change is inevitable, and our growth and development took a huge step forward some 15 years ago when Tim opened what is now our primary office in Johannesburg. Naturally, we still maintain our presence in Cape Town. It has however, been in the last two years when we have been fortunate enough to experience fantastic growth, and for that, we would like to thank our very loyal and growing client base. Many of you have been part of our story from the very beginning.

It is for this reason that we feel it important to share some of our stories and news via our first newsletter. The intention is not to bombard your mailbox – but on a quarterly basis – to inform you of new developments, exciting new acquisitions, introduce our team or just an amusing industry anecdote.

In the last two years, we have appointed both Jason Fritz and Chris de Lancey at senior management level. Jason and Chris have a collective 50-odd years’ experience in the industry – going back to the days when Slide Projectors were the industry standard and the only way to show your presentations (for those of you that still remember what slide projectors were?) Both Jason and Chris have developed key relationships with a variety of clients over the years, and we are pleased that we now call them friends of Multi-Media too. This has given us the opportunity to work with clients in a number of different industries such as Fashion, Retail, Motor Manufacturing, Footwear, IT and Telecoms to mention a few.

Another exciting area we have moved into is the television industry, supplying technical and consulting to a number of television shows which have been, or soon will be aired both locally and into the African Continent. Offering the best possible service has always been the cornerstone of our business, and with this growth, we have had to employ a number of staff in various areas. Obviously, competent technical staff are paramount, but along with that, operations, warehouse, administration and management have all been considered.

70% of our new staff are BEE appointees, and 30% of that are in management. Naturally, in supporting this growth, we have had to invest hugely in our equipment inventory, venturing also into new technology. Our primary investment here has been LED screen technology. This move to LED has come at a huge investment but has proven to be a big differentiator for us. We now have 120 panels of high resolution LED screen 3.6mm, and 200 panels of the low-resolution 12mm. The main advantages with LED is the brightness in high ambient light venues, the ability to create screens in almost any shape you can imagine and to create interactive digital sets. A substantial investment has also been made in the Lighting Department with some 200 more lighting fixtures being purchased since the start of the year. We also recently acquired the assets of a competitor, further expanding upon our stock in all areas.

Lastly, in this relatively fledgling industry, Multi-Media celebrates its 25th year of operation in 2016. Not many in our industry can lay claim to that feat, and we’re obviously exceptionally proud of our track record. We certainly have a lot to be proud of, and are even more excited about what lays ahead. Once again, a big thank you for your loyal and continued support, and we look forward to building successful partnerships with all our valued clients into the future.

making heads or tails of your AV quotation Thu, 02 Nov 2017 17:39:39 +0000

Deciphering the AV quote:

Deciphering and comparing quotes from AV suppliers is often the most confusing and frustrating of exercises. Why so long? Why all the technical jargon, and then very often, why can’t I have “per item” cost? And then of course, everyone’s favorite, why is one supplier cheaper than another?

In order to help understand at least some of the above, we have put together a short little handbook to highlight some of these issues…

The quote itself:

Most reputable AV companies work off an integrated quoting system. What this means, is that as the quote is done, the system is automatically doing a stock check against their inventory, and “booking” equipment against your job. In order to do this, all items required for the job need to be included in your quote for stock management purposes. Potential stock shortages are highlighted at this stage already, so in essence, planning starts the minute your quote is generated.

Line item quotes – The debate rages:

Many clients (respectfully) do not understand the technical intricacies involved from one piece of equipment to the next – and thankfully so – otherwise they wouldn’t need us! Very often, one item of equipment needs to co-exist with another in order to make them both work. Sounds bizarre (why not just make one thing) but the bespoke nature of the industry requires a large degree of flexibility – as not all events are the same. For example – client wants to watch a video they have produced on a big screen. As simple as that may seem, there are potentially 23 pieces of equipment required (not counting multiples of any particular piece) and four people.

Which one would you like to remove from the quote?

Believe it or not, the Category type quote does keep things simple.

Brands – not all things are equal:

The last thing you that need to find out in the middle of your event, is exactly why quote # 2 was so much cheaper. Equipment failure at the critical point! The major brands invest heavily in research and testing under actual working conditions in the industry and provide a level of reliability that cheap copies cannot match. Your AV supplier should be investing in exactly that reliability. While it’s not your job to know them all, ask questions of the suppliers. Most reputable AV companies quotes invariably list the brand of the item in the quote – because this is actually what they have, and will supply.

Generic lines like “Video Projector” as opposed to “Christie HD14K-M” should be ringing alarm bells. Often, this is to allow the supplier to charge for an as yet unspecified piece of equipment that loosely fits the purpose (but may not actually suit the job) or to bill you for a premium item but supply a lower quality. 

Again, you’re not expected to understand all the technical bits that go into your event, but you’ll certainly get a straight authoritative answer from the right supplier if you ask!

If you feel like doing your own homework on this, research the AV industry, and you will discover that the top brands are discussed in major industry publications for their successes.

What about the crew…?

Yes, what about the crew? Some of our best friends are crew! Clearly, there are different levels of crew. Some fresh out of college, some with years of experience. Each have their role to play and a different job description. You don’t want the box-pushers running your show, and conversely, you don’t want high-end AV techs pushing boxes and falling asleep during the show. The high-end guys demand a higher salary, and much like branded equipment, their true value comes from the successful implementation of your event.

Apples for Apples?

The industry’s favourite catchphrase. Comparing quotes apples for apples.There is however, a truth to it. Are the two suppliers quoting firstly against the same brief, what latitude will you allow for ‘creative interpretation” if there is any…?

There is a lot to consider here, firstly in terms of the AV company’s reputation for service and delivery. Years of successfully producing events does count for something in terms of reliability. Do the quotes compare in terms of brand? You may not be brand-conscious when it comes to your shoes, but there is merit in it when buying your next car!

There are many cheap options coming out of the East at the moment, and at Multi-Media, the brands we invest in, have a proven track record. Cheaper has a funny way of becoming more expensive in a crisis.

Lastly, when your trusted supplier sends you a budget, and a competitor offers you a budget (detailing all of the alarm signals mentioned above) – at one third of the cost, just whose quote should you be trusting?

A picture tells a thousand words… or so the saying goes… LED screens are proving more and more popular, but are they all the same?

Does 120 panels of one make equal the same size screen as 120 panels of another? Very often… not! Using an actual example, a cheaper quote turned out to be a 14m x 2.5m screen, compared to a 20m x 3m screen. Per square metre of screen, the cheaper quote was actually more expensive. The subject of cheaper Eastern imports is for another day.

At Multi-Media, we only supply high-end equipment to provide the best possible experience at your venue.

More than one way to skin a cat…

For a large area which needs sound, we may hang a line array sound system for the best result, but a competing budget may place multiple speakers around an area instead. There may be an obvious cost difference, but this may not be the best solution for your event.

Having said that, your budget may dictate as such, and an open an honest discussion about your budget goes a long way to solving potential issues and finding creative ways to achieve your objectives.

After 26 years in the business, Multi-Media is here to help, advise and offer solutions.

If at any stage, you feel you need some help to understand any budgets you have, or received from other suppliers, please feel free to contact us for a no-nonsense evaluation.

realising value from influencing culture Fri, 14 Jul 2017 17:50:39 +0000
At Multi- Media, we do everything with heart – and this starts with our people.
The old adage “A business’s greatest asset is its people” may sound clichéd, yet many organisations don’t do justice to their HR promises, potentially compromising their possibility of long-term success

Over the last two years, our business has experienced dramatic growth, and with that, we needed to take on more staff across almost all departments. Coping with such a rapid increase in size, presented itself with some unique challenges, not least of all was a dilution of a culture that had been nurtured since the company’s inception some 25 years ago. Morale was compromised, as responsibilities often overlapped, or were not clearly defined.

While many organisations may feel they have great platforms in place to cultivate talent in the business, it was our view that we needed to take a holistic view on the key touch points that influenced our culture, further aligning with our overall strategy.

With this in mind, we decided to consult with the experts.

It may be stating the obvious, but everything in the company flows from the top down – and influences the culture of the business. This prompted a journey of self-discovery for the Exco team. Each member not only went through an individual assessment but also a group feedback session. Once we knew more about each other, how we engaged and interacted with one another as well as our colleagues, we could hold one another accountable for our behaviour.


Our ability to lead by example and behave appropriately would ultimately determine the success of how we influenced the culture. If we were not united, it would be impossible to unite the team. This meant we had to be authentic in our approach, share information transparently, engage in meaningful conversations and treat everyone as equals. This would go a long way to breaking down any barriers.

This turned out to be quite an introspective process, but starting at the top made a lot of sense. We worked on ourselves and then started the same process with the management team, on-boarding them with the goals and the processes required. Once they understood more about one another, their roles and how important they were to the plan, we could then be united as one team working together. It was important that our most senior members of the management team had completely bought into the plan.

Following this, we aligned all employees with our strategy and our vision, working on our values and culture as part of the overall strategy. Each person, being accountable for their role or job function, and how this tied into the strategy, ultimately moves us towards the vision through each and every role with the behavioural aspect being a very important measure of each individuals’ performance as well as their day to day commitments within their job functions. This was achieved through a startup event and a three sixty review process.


The thoughts around following this process? Well, once Exco and the Management team worked together holistically, we formed more meaningful interactions and had a plan which could filter through the entire organisation. Something as small as making a conscious effort to deliver on our promises to the team has gone a long way in creating a respectful working environment. We have experienced that consistency in our interactions and continually updating the team is key in influencing the overall outcome.

Naturally, ongoing workshops are of great benefit to receive maximum traction, and to this end, we have created our own training facility – focusing not only on the soft skills required but ongoing technical training for all the staff in areas relevant to our business.

The value placed on staff retention cannot be overestimated. This will assist in retaining IP in our business, cut down on recruitment costs in that we will hire the correct culture fit from the start, developing longer and more meaningful relationships with our clients, and ultimately forming a more naturally client-centric approach almost unconsciously. This, in turn, should make our business more profitable and sustainable over time. Holding true to our values, putting a bit of heart into everything we do within our organisation and genuinely valuing our people, we believe will go a long way to creating a solid foundation for us to leverage from, and a tangible long term value – through actively influencing our culture.

To the best of our knowledge, an undertaking of this kind is a first in our industry in this country, and while there is much work yet to be done, we believe that the results of our efforts are already starting to show tangible results.