Honouring Multi-Media’s Managing Director Tim Fish’s 20 years in the business we saw fit to chronicle some of his experiences and look forward through 2017 and beyond.

Tim’s introduction to the AV industry happened at age 12, assisting Rob at an event for Benson and Hedges. Tim initially learned lighting as at the time, it was easier to grasp than sound or AV.

Tim joined Multi-Media full-time in January 1997 as an audio assistant and the companies most junior employee – despite being Rob’s son (at the time Rob Fish was the owner of the company) there was no favouritism as this would’ve given the staff the wrong idea. Tim cleaned the warehouse and cables and generally applied himself where needed.

After 3 years, Tim was a team leader for smaller events and some long-distance roadshows. Wanting more of a challenge, and with Rob’s approval, the decision was made to move to Johannesburg and open what was initially an inland support office for roadshow clients.

The first few months were challenging – Tim’s flat was the office and the panel van the warehouse. The Johannesburg staff compliment: Tim alone, travelling to Durban and beyond servicing events and enlisting banqueting staff on-site to assist with load-in wherever possible… humble beginnings indeed.


Tim states that what has remained constant are the values and principles that guide Multi-Media at all times – delivering an exceptional product to the client, being well presented (well-dressed and well-groomed), attentive and polite, ensuring set-up is neat and the show runs flawlessly. Qualities that are still ingrained in Multi-Media teams today.

Multi-Media focus on developing meaningful relationships with our clients. We are partners more than mere suppliers, we take a genuine interest in their events and the successes. Clients are looked after with the same level of care across the board, whether large or small.

We try to ensure the client experiences a world-class service experience when working with us, holding their hand every step of the way – we value long-term relationships with our clients and go the extra mile to ensure their expectations are not just met but exceeded ensuring their loyalty.

Looking forward to 2017 and beyond, Tim alongside his fellow directors Jason and Chris would like to redefine the service experience within the eventing industry, with Multi-Media leading the way as a company that does things differently and with more finesse than it’s competitors. Tim’s passionate about developing people in the business, not just for the success of the business, but for themselves as well. As a result, the Multi-Media academy was established to facilitate this process.

Thank you for your dedication and commitment Tim, here’s to the next 20 years…