As AV professionals, our purpose is to make the Event organizers job easier, and part of that responsibility, is to offer advice on best practices. Our goal, therefore, is to help you achieve yours.

AV means many things to many people, but that the landscape is one of constant change, is a given. Audio Visual (AV) implies exactly that. That which we can see and hear, and that a conference room filled with 1000 guests all needing to see and hear what’s going is at its best, the most basic of requirements.

As the world gets more connected, and the speed at which we communicate gets more demanding, so too do the expectations increase on the Audio Visual Industry as a whole. In order to engage our audiences better, we need bigger better bolder and brighter.

The use of social media at events is now almost a given to properly engage with the audience. Suddenly, everyone armed with a cell phone and a Wi-Fi connection becomes a producer of content, and a room full of voracious data users changes the landscape in terms of what Wi-Fi the venues need to supply. Event organizers need an alternate supplier on speed dial if the venue is not up to …speed !

Presenters, in an effort to get above the noise and clutter, are producing presentations with huge amounts of content and high definition video.


What’s the bottom line here?

Firstly, the displays available for this are many and varied. The industry is moving quickly to a place where LED screens are becoming the norm. They’re modular, making it possible to do various sizes. They’re brighter, which means blacking out the conference room is no longer a requirement. They’re a lot sexier, in that you can configure many sizes and shapes in one space, driving content to a variety of spaces with the room. Digital sets are currently making their mark, and as the costs for this technology come down, more and more Event organizers are seeing the value in LED screens.

Lastly, the guys on your AV team had better be on top of their game. Not only understanding what it’s all about, but also providing the correct advice, service and technology.

At Multi–Media, we have been doing exactly this for over 25 years, with no signs of slowing down. We have invested heavily, not only in terms of technology, but ensuring we have the right people, with the right attitude to ensure you that your needs are seen to, and your event raises above the clutter!